BlackSmith Sourcing Offers Advice for Nearshoring Success

The Mexican sourcing consultancy believes there are enormous opportunities to be had.

As companies in Mexico and elsewhere in Latin America get ready for the inaugural Nearshoring Americas Expo at the Dallas Market Center in December, one of the key DMC sourcing advisors sat down with Nearshoring America Now to discuss the upcoming event.

Jesus Herrera is the president of Guadalajara-based BlackSmith Sourcing and has been with the company for six years, helping manufacturing and service organizations to meet strategic goals through supplier development, spend and savings management, contract negotiation and team mentoring.

Where products are made matters. While managing production costs and efficiency are critical, proximity is increasingly valued and a smart way to mitigate risks. Specialty importers and product designers are reevaluating their supply chains and actively seeking new frontiers in product sourcing. "We have observed a significant increase in companies opting for Mexico as their production destination," Herrera said. He predicts that interest in Mexican nearshoring will keep surging, propelled by factors such as advantageous trade accords like the USMCA (The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, successor to NAFTA), and the shifting political landscapes in traditional manufacturing hubs.

BlackSmith Sourcing, with clients in both the U.S. and Canada, works with product designers and skilled manufacturers throughout the State of Jalisco and beyond. Herrera shares that his clients are increasingly aware of the merits of bringing production closer to home. This strategic move has been proven to curtail lead times, trim transportation expenses and bolster the efficacy of supply chain management.

Herrera offers several points of advice for companies getting ready to shift their sourcing models to nearshoring. “The primary step is to crystallize your production prerequisites, timelines and expected outcomes. We influence outcomes by scrutinizing factors such as the factory's production capacity, quality assurance protocols and delivery patterns.  Matching these elements with client expectations prepares everyone for stronger relationships and nearshoring success.”

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Nearshoring America Expo | December 9-11, 2024

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