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What Mexico’s New President Means for North American Sourcing

The country’s incoming new leader is seen as a real boon for nearshoring sourcing.

IKEA Latest Big Retailer to Look to Americas for Sourcing

Worried about global politics, the big international home furnishings retailer is looking to develop more production in the Americas.

Brazil Partners with DMC for Nearshoring Show

With massive infrastructure and manufacturing investments, Brazil is poised to be a major resource for North American importers

Assanti Brings Modern Mexican Craftsmanship to the Americas

Set as an exhibitor at the Nearshoring America Expo, the company blends culture and Modern Mexican style in its furniture and home décor.

Mexico Now Biggest Exporter to U.S.

New Census Bureau numbers show Mexico has supplanted China as the number one exporter.

Dun & Bradstreet Says Importers Need to Manage Nearshoring Carefully

Just as in any sourcing arrangement, U.S. companies need to understand how to navigate doing business through nearshoring.

BlackSmith Sourcing Offers Advice for Nearshoring Success

The Mexican sourcing consultancy believes there are enormous opportunities to be had.

Exhibitor Profile: Desserto

Transforming cactus fibers into a luxurious and sustainable leather alternative makes the company a strong resource for footwear, fashion and home sectors.

DMC Survey Reveals Opportunities & Priorities

Whenever a brand new concept for connecting buyers and sellers is in the preparation stages, understanding the needs of those stakeholders is a key priority for understanding the shape and size of...

U.S. Importers Anxious to Expand Latin American Sourcing

Gift and home companies that currently source most of their products from China, India and elsewhere in Asia report they are open for moving some of those efforts closer to home in Latin America....

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Study Points Towards Nearshoring

A new study from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce says countries throughout Latin America are well positioned to do business with North American importers over the next five years and urged parties on...

Nearshoring America EXPO Connects Two Continents

When the Dallas Market Center set about to create the first-of-its-kind Nearshoring American EXPO to bring together factories and sellers in Latin America with North American importers and...

Nearshoring America Expo | December 9-11, 2024

The intersection of trade for the Americas.

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