Exhibitor Profile: Desserto

Transforming cactus fibers into a luxurious and sustainable leather alternative makes the company a strong resource for footwear, fashion and home sectors.

One of the more innovative resources set to exhibit at the inaugural Nearshoring Americas Expo is Desserto, a pioneer in harnessing the powers of the versatile nopal cactus and transforming cactus fibers into luxurious and sustainable alternative leathers for the footwear, clothing, accessories, and interior design industries.

If you’re a U.S company designing eco-conscious products, it would help to get to know this Mexican company and start creating your next product line with sumptuous, sustainable leather alternatives. Desserto is a testament to the power of plant-based innovation, delivering a material experience comparable to animal leather — replete with durability, flexibility ,and an air of luxury essential to high-quality design. The material's adaptability adds narrative and performance to various products, from the latest haute couture handbags and shoes to the refined interiors of automobiles and lavish furniture.

Desserto leather begins in the arid heartlands of Mexico, where the nopal cactus requires a fraction of the water resources commonly consumed in textile production, aligning with the pressing need for water conservation. Through a sophisticated yet eco-conscious processing method, the harvested cacti are converted into fibers and then, through a combination  of proprietary techniques, into the lustrous material that can be used throughout the fashion realm. It is this commitment to ecological stewardship that gives Desserto its special position within the industry.

And it’s why Desserto has collaborated with a number of brands and designers, including Adidas, H&M, Karl Lagerfeld, Givenchy, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Onitsuka Tiger and the Fossil Group.
For more information and to schedule an introduction, contact Michael Mendoza, managing director  for Nearshoring Americas, at mmendoza@dallasmarketcenter.com.

Nearshoring America Expo | December 9-11, 2024

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